Gender Equality


Globally we are facing a growing gap between the incredibly wealthy and the very poor. When poverty is combined with uneven power structures a fertile environment for injustice is created. 

In the Pacific context, where women tend to be assigned the subordinate role, and men are assigned the power broker roles, women face particular burdens in terms of access to financial income, the opportunity to go to school, the opportunity to be in leadership and ultimately to have control over their bodies. When women are educated, and have an increased share of the family income, there are benefits in health, education and nutrition for the whole family. 

The Uniting Church works with women's networks and women leaders to shift social norms and challenge structures of violence that lead to gender inequality. UnitingJustice spoke with Bronwyn Fraser from UnitingWorld about work to address gender inequality, and how it is contributing to a just peace. She shares with us the changes as a result of this work, and the important role of men in shifting mindsets and encouraging new styles of leadership.

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