Climate Justice


Already in 2016 there have been a number of extreme weather events devastating communities in Australia and around the world. Last year was declared the hottest year on record. Human induced climate change is a significant threat to human life, to future generations and to a just peace.

Climate change is a justice issue because while the wealthiest and most powerful people on the planet have contributed the most to this problem through high carbon emissions, it is those least responsible, and with the fewest resources for adapting and mediating the impacts, who are likely to be most affected. Pacific Island people and Indigenous people are experiencing the direct impacts of climate change - relocation as a result of sea level rise, heat related disease, and exposure to extreme weather events.

The Uniting Church supports partner churches in Tuvalu, Kiribas and the Marshall Islands that are feeling the effects of climate change most strongly. Through the Leadership in a Changing Climate project, church partners are equipping communities to respond to risks, exploring the theological conversation underpinning climate change, and training leaders to respond pastorally in times of crisis. UnitingJustice spoke with Sef Carroll from UnitingWorld about the climate justice work being carried out by partner churches in the Pacific.

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