UCA Statements

Sexual Violence

01 July 1991

The Assembly resolved:


(a) That sexual violence be deplored as a sin against God and humanity;

(b) that it be recognised that the origin of sexual violence lies in the practice of inequality of the sexes;

(c) that it be confessed that sexual violence is disturbingly frequent within the Uniting Church community as it is in the wider community;

(d) that it be acknowledged that in the past, the church has often made inappropriate responses or no response to victims/survivors of sexual violence. This has been experienced by many as a further violation;

(e) that the church be committed to hearing the voices of those who are victims of sexual violence;

(f) that the actions of people who work for the end of such violence and who support its victims/survivors be supported;

(g) that the urgent need for the church community to become part of a "network of prevention" in the area of sexual violence be recognised;

(h) that the publication "The Pastoral Report to the Churches on Sexual Violence Against Women and Children of the Church Community" be commended to presbyteries and parishes as a guide for study and action.