About Society, Religion & Politics

The Uniting Church hopes for a world where all people are able to participate in the decision making of their country. We believe that the hope for peace and justice is strongest when governments respect their citizens, uphold their human rights, support their liberties and enable free and open participation in the political process.

UnitingJustice is, therefore, committed to working for a healthy, functioning and transparent Australian democracy. We believe that this provides a strong foundation for a flourishing society and that engagement in public debate by civil society voices should be actively encouraged. UnitingJustice will continue to be an enthusiastic participant in this process, support the Church’s voice in the public forum on issues within its mandate and encourage Church members to be informed about and engaged in political life.

The Uniting Church believes that diversity is a gift and is part of our experience of God in the world. Learning to live together embracing our diversity is an expression of the faithful discipleship and part of our journey towards the reconciliation of all life with God.

UnitingJustice believes that no-one should be excluded from membership, positions of leadership or ordination within the Church on the basis of sexuality, gender or race. We seek justice and we stand in solidarity with all those who are marginalised in society, and it is of particular concern to us when experiences of injustice occur within the church.

Living together in a diverse church requires of us that we learn how to deal with the multitude of different opinions that are held by faithful church members on a range of issues. Living together, reflecting God's love for every person, requires of us that we are an open and inclusive Church that welcomes all people as children of God.

The question of whether it is appropriate for people in same-gender relationships to be part of church leadership is one that the Uniting Church, like many other churches, has been struggling with for many years. In this struggle, UnitingJustice stands with gay and lesbian people in the Church as they seek to find a welcoming home and justice in church life.