Religious Freedom Inquiry

09 November 2015

The Uniting Church in Australia has made a submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission's Religious Freedom Roundtable. 

This submission stresses that it is the responsibility of all of us as individuals and as a community to seek the common good: to help build a just, peaceful, inclusive and prosperous society, where all people are valued, where the First Peoples of this land are respected and honoured, where civil liberties are taken seriously and where the diversity of religions, languages and cultures is regarded as a great gift.

The submission draws on international human rights law and notes that Australia does not have any Commonwealth law to set out fundamental human rights and freedoms. The Uniting Church believes that all people have the right to religious expression and worship, and that religious groups, organisations and communities should be allowed to observe holy days, build a place of worship and adopt religious dress. The Uniting Church does not condone religious vilification, noting that some laws in Australia disproportionately discriminate against certain religious groups. Freedom of expression must never be used to deny the right to freedom from discrimination.