About UnitingJustice

UnitingJustice Australia is the justice unit of the National Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia, pursuing national matters of social and economic justice, human rights, peace and the environment.

It sits within the mandate of Uniting Faith and Discipleship and works in collaboration with other Assembly agencies, Uniting Church synod justice staff around the country, and with other community and faith-based organisations and groups.

It engages in advocacy and education and works collaboratively to communicate the Church’s vision for a reconciled world. It provides resources for the Church as it considers its position on issues of national and international importance and public policy.

UnitingJustice Australia exists as an expression of the Uniting Church’s commitment to working toward a just and peaceful world. This commitment arises from the Christian belief that liberation from oppression and injustice is central to the incarnation of God through Jesus Christ.

Our Mission

The Uniting Church seeks to bring God’s vision of a reconciled world into the present, to reflect God’s love for everyone, work for justice and peace and follow the example and teachings of Jesus Christ who taught what it means to love your neighbour and your enemy, called on his disciples to heal the sick and give to the poor, and who himself challenged the systems and structures of oppression in his society. In all of this, we are called to act with integrity, ensuring that our words and our deeds are aligned.

In 1977 the inaugural Assembly’s Statement to the Nation committed the Uniting Church to engage in public life as it sought to live out the gospel in the world:

A Christian responsibility to society has always been regarded as fundamental to the mission of the Church. In the Uniting Church our response to the Christian gospel will continue to involve us in social and national affairs.

This statement, based in our deeply rooted understandings of the mission of God in the world and our call to discipleship, reflects a significant aspect of the Uniting Church ethos and identity:

We affirm our eagerness to uphold basic Christian values and principles, such as the importance of every human being, the need for integrity in public life, the proclamation of truth and justice, the rights for each citizen to participate in decision-making in the community, religious liberty and personal dignity, and a concern for the welfare of the whole human race.

Twenty years later, the Church invited all Australians to join us in building a just and sustainable nation. The 1997 Invitation to the Nation committed the Assembly to building a nation that responds to the disadvantaged and vulnerable; acts with generosity; struggles for equity and justice for all people; stands in solidarity with Indigenous Australians; and recognises the importance of all creation for future generations.

UnitingJustice advocates nationally on issues of national and international significance. Our work has included advocating for justice for refugees and asylum seekers; positive action to address climate change; peaceful solutions to terrorism and international conflict; international trade and industrial relations policies which support the most vulnerable people; active citizenship; and an end to violence, racism, discrimination and the abuse of human rights. Our work is broad ranging and responsive to contemporary social and political concerns, while setting agendas for reflection on these issues within the Church.