Uniting Church leaders today condemned the Federal Government for its agreement with the Iranian Government to accept the forced deportations of failed Iranian asylum seekers.

The Uniting Church in Australia national spokesperson on refugee and asylum issues says she is encouraged by Labor's Refugee Policy released this morning, "although some areas deserve further work."

Key leaders of the Uniting Church in Australia have expressed their anger and outrage over the Australian Government's vote against the United Nations anti-torture protocol.

The Uniting Church in Australia believes that the Federal Government's response to the situation of the Bakhtiari family is cruel and inhumane.

The Federal Government's refusal to close detention centres and implement an alternative refugee and asylum seeker policy is to blame for the dangerous conditions at Curtin Detention Centre according to leaders of the Uniting Church.

"We do not support people using one violent act to justify other violent acts" says a position paper released today by the National Social Responsibility and Justice agency of the National Assembly of the Uniting Church.

The acting National Director, Social Responsibility and Justice, Uniting Church in Australia, Ms Rosemary Hudson Miller, today expressed her concern at the possibility of the passing of the Migration Amendment Bills.

Uniting Church's national social justice spokesperson Ms Rosemary Miller has urged Minister Ruddock not to undermine the current UN protocols regarding asylum seekers, "just because it doesn't suit his political purpose of the moment".

The Church today released a new policy on Asylum Seekers and Refugees, raising concerns about the inflammatory and discriminatory language used against them by the Government.

A world wide refugee population of 23 million is not going to disappear because Australia has adopted the so called Pacific solution.